If you’ve never traveled to Japan and you don’t have any connection to someone living there, it can be challenging to plan a trip, especially for business purposes. 

We will be offering services to assist you with planning your business trip to Japan, which include: choosing the most convenient flights and accommodations, planning your trip based on your purpose, as well as support via phone and text, while you’re in Japan. 

This offer will only be available for a limited time (June, 2019 only) at this moment, so please contact us as soon as you decide to plan your trip. 

Japan Trip Assistant Package – $549*

Services included:

  • Create a trip plan based on your objective
  • Search for flight and hotel accommodations
  • Local call/text message assistant while in Japan
  • Featured at JAMING event in Japan.

*Fee doesn’t not include cost of airfare, accommodations or expenses while staying in Japan. You will be responsible for all travel expenses and booking, once you choose, from the information we provide. Please note, if your country requires you to obtain a visa for travel, that is also your responsibility.

Optional service

-Research and contact prospective Japanese companies and/or artists, based on your objectives and schedule appointments while you are in Japan:
$50 per 5 appointments

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the success or outcome of any appointments you may have during your trip.

-Personal guiding (to assist during your appointments):
without translation $30/hour | with translation $50/hour

Please contact us with your objectives for your trip to Japan and the dates you would like to go during June, 2019.