We are now offering a referral campaign that can reduce the fee on your next membership renewal. Refer a friend or colleague and receive a $10 discount, upon renewal, for each person that registers, even if they register for a free membership. Just make sure they enter your name in the required field when they register. You can also check with us to make sure you receive credit for the referral.

Our goal is to provide services and benefits that make it easier for members to connect with other people and companies, in order to maximize the growth and success of each individual. Some of the benefits of paid membership, such as translation, communication and content creation, can help boost exposure and put members in contact with others within their scope of interest. Since these services can be beneficial to everyone, by offering this referral campaign, we aim to make the paid membership even more reasonable, At the same time, your referrals will help the community to expand and develop, which helps us to make JAMING even more effective. 

Regular individual membership is $98/year. If you refer 10 people to register, your membership fee will be free!

Existing paid members

This discount will apply upon renewal of your annual membership.

New (non) member

We encourage you to try JAMING as a free member, first. Then, you can refer others and take advantage of the referral campaign for a discount, if you decide to become a paid member.